GBUK Healthcare

GBUK Healthcare offers a specialist range of medical, surgical and critical care devices. Our products are widely used in operating theatres, high dependency and intensive care units, medical and surgical wards, and cardiothoracic, urology, ENT, women’s health and emergency departments. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products and services, representing clinical innovation, technical excellence and exceptional value. If you are looking for pain management, suction consumables, suction & fluid management, our product range is waiting for you below.

72 Reno

Dash 6 NRFit Accessories

NRFit® Accessories

Dash 6 NRFit® Slip Syringes

NRFit® Slip Syringe

Dash 6 NRFit Lock Syringes

NRFit® Lock Syringe

GBUK Chest Drainage Tubing

Chest Drainage Tubing

GBUK Chest Drainage System

Chest Drainage System

72Hr Closed Suction Catheters

TenderTip 72 h

TenderTip 24Hr Adult Closed Suction Catheters

TenderTip 24h Adult

TenderTip 24h Paediatric Neonatal Closed Suction Catheter

TenderTip 24h Closed Suction Catheter – Neonatal & Paediatric