NRFit® Lock Syringe

Dash 6 NRFit Lock Syringes

NRFit® Lock Syringe, Intended for the administration of medication or anaesthetic via the Neuraxial route. DASH 6™

  • Made without natural rubber latex
  • Connectors compliant with ISO 80369-6 are specific to neuraxial devices
  • NRFit® devices from GBUK Healthcare are exclusively branded DASH 6™
  • The term “NRFit®” refers to neuraxial devices that are ISO 80369-6 compliant

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Available in the UK

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Available Internationally

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Available in the USA

Intended for the administration of medication or anaesthetic via the Neuraxial route. ISO 80369-6:2016 is the international standard that specifies requirements for small-bore connectors intended to be used for connections in neuraxial applications.

Product Codes

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct Code
1mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit Sterile 1ml10015011010
1mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit BNS 1ml100015010010
3mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit Sterile 3ml10015011030
3mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit BNS 3ml50015010030
5mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit Sterile 5ml10015011050
5mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit BNS 5ml50015010050
10mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit Sterile 10ml10015011100
10mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit BNS 10ml50015010100
20mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit Sterile 20ml5015011200
20mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit BNS 20ml40015010200
60mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit Sterile 60ml2515011600
60mlNRFit® Lock Syringe NRFit BNS 60ml20015010600

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