SPU Two-Tone Slide Sheet

Two Tone SPU Slide Sheet

The SPU Two-Tone slide sheet provides full bed coverage.

  • Latex free
  • 30cm length
  • 100cm width covers full bed
  • X-ray cassettes can be inserted into openings
  • Coated on both sides for smooth, low-friction movement
  • Comes in a biodegradable drawstring bag to facilitate easy location and storage
  • Two-tone colour simplifies use and provides a training aid
Country Icons_UK_Colour

Available in the UK

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Available Internationally

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Available in the USA

The GBUK Two-Tone slide sheet provides full bed coverage. Uniquely designed in order to provide full range of movement but also allowing for x-ray cassettes to be inserted between the layers. The two toned sheet simplifies training by having one sheet which is positioned the same way each time for each manoeuvre . This ensures that the patient remains on two layers of slide sheet regardless of the transfer or reposition being undertaken. Using the phrase ‘yellow to bed, pull the red’, staff can quickly identify which layer of the slide sheet to hold while they re-position the patient.

Our full range of slide sheets include the ECO slide sheet, disposable and washable slide sheets plus the transfer sheet & handles.

Product Codes

SizeProduct DescriptionUOIProduct CodeNHSSC
100cm x 230cmSPU Two-Tone Slide Sheet50EGT100230TBC

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